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The Light House is a foundation that is dedicated in providing a quality treatment and rehab clinic in the comfort of your home and has been opened by Souvik Bhattacharya who is in this field for over 7 years, started in 2011, and has developed an excellent range of in-depth treatment programmes and therapy sessions to help recovery from drug and alcohol chemical dependency.

Souvik Bhattacharya has supported in excess 3,000 clients, and rising, in successfully completing their rehab programmes. Our 20 bed residential facility has supported our clients on a new journey towards sustained recovery. We work closely with clients, families, friends, partners and employers and our team of experts have successfully handled some of the most deep rooted drug and alcohol dependency. We help clients break free from the devastating cycle of chemical dependency.

We pride ourselves on our alcohol and drug rehab treatment services. Our chemical dependency recovery process is made as comfortable as possible for the client, with each bespoke rehabilitation programme designed from years of dedicated research and experience which identifies issues and triggers and achieves excellent recovery results.

Each rehab programme is individually designed for each client to help ensure we maximise the chances of a full recovery. Our qualified team bring a vast range of skills and experience to assist every aspect of the clients life. In addition to having some of the best therapists in the country, we work closely with those who have previously suffered from chemical dependency who are able to explore, in detail, the issues and triggers behind the chemical dependency.


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Contact-us : +91 98749 96098

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